Easily portable toilet for hard-to-reach places

Compact and easily portable, MINI is a toilet with a removable tank, suitable for places with limited space and difficult access. MINI possesses all the qualities of standard mobile toilets packed into 55 kg.

Not all areas are easily accessible; some are on multiple levels, others are particularly challenging from a logistical standpoint, and some may require frequent changes in the position of the toilets. From construction sites to military bases, MINI is designed precisely for these scenarios.

Specifications Details
  • Width:78 cm
  • Height:189 cm/195 cm
  • Lenght:95 cm
  • Weight:55 kg
  • Material:UV resistant polyethylene


  • 70 L portable wastewater tank with a cover
  • Durable and secure floor covering
  • Maximum height suitable for elevators and standard entrance doors
  • Built-in ventilation holes that protect the cabin from rain and ensure good air circulation
  • Roof made of semi-transparent polyethylene with UV protection and anti-slip polyethylene flooring for maximum safety
  • Built-in handles and wheels for easy relocation of the cabin without the need for a crane
  • Exchangeable tank that simplifies maintenance and allows for 80 uses before needing to be cleaned


  • 2 wheels
  • 3 handles
  • 100 L tank
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Door with free/occupied indicator

  • Mirror
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Lifting lugs for crane

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a toilet cabin weigh?
Our toilet cabins weigh on average between 75 – 85 kg, depending on the model.
How big is a toilet cabin?
Depending on the model and purpose, our toilet cabins have external dimensions ranging from 1.15 / 1.20 to 1.4 m².
How are the OoYes toilets delivered and unloaded?
Renting our mobile toilet cabins guarantees a comprehensive service from delivery and positioning to periodic maintenance and removal at the end of the rental period. The toilet cabins are manually unloaded from a specialized truck with a crane by our employee.
How often are the OoYes mobile toilet cabins cleaned?
The European standard EN 16194:2012 for mobile toilet cabins without a sewer connection mandates cleaning once a week for 1 to 10 people, at least after 5 working days of 8 hours each.

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