The mobile toilet designed with access in mind

With its area of over 3 square meters, LIBERTY is a mobile toilet for individuals with mobility challenges and their assistants, providing maximum freedom of movement and barrier-free use.

Portable toilet cabin LIBERTY
Portable toilet cabin LIBERTY
Portable toilet cabin LIBERTY
Portable toilet cabin LIBERTY
Specifications Details
  • Measurements:1.57/1.57 m
  • Height:2.25 m
  • Door width:83 cm
  • Tank:151 l
  • Weight:127 kg
  • Material:UV resistant polyethylene
  • Flooring that prevents slipping Ventilation system ensuring excellent air exchange
  • Accessible mobile cabin with a ramp providing additional support for independent toilet use
  • Locking and unlocking system easily managed from the inside, connected to a clearly readable free or occupied indicator

  • Ventilation
  • White domed roof
  • Enclosed 151 L tank
  • Holder for 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • Stable rails for attaching to the three interior walls
  • Automatically closing door with free/occupied display

  • Lighting
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Hand paper dispenser
  • Toilet bowl liners

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a toilet cabin weigh?
Our toilet cabins weigh on average between 75 – 85 kg, depending on the model.
How big is a toilet cabin?
Depending on the model and purpose, our toilet cabins have external dimensions ranging from 1.15 / 1.20 to 1.4 m².
How are the OoYes toilets delivered and unloaded?
Renting our mobile toilet cabins guarantees a comprehensive service from delivery and positioning to periodic maintenance and removal at the end of the rental period. The toilet cabins are manually unloaded from a specialized truck with a crane by our employee.
How often are the OoYes mobile toilet cabins cleaned?
The European standard EN 16194:2012 for mobile toilet cabins without a sewer connection mandates cleaning once a week for 1 to 10 people, at least after 5 working days of 8 hours each.

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