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Innovative cabin that provides maximum comfort

The FRESH FLUSH cabin comes with a unique automatic mechanism that ensures maximum hygiene without the need for a manual or foot pump. As the door slides during entry and exit, the tank self-cleans and sanitizes every time.

From construction sites and industrial zones to public and private events of any kind, parks, beaches, or squares, FRESH FLUSH guarantees excellent hygiene wherever and whenever needed.

Specifications Details
  • Width:1.16 m
  • Height:2.295 m
  • Depth:1.16 m
  • Weight:55 kg
  • Material:UV resistant polyethylene
  • Complete autonomy that eliminates contact with surfaces, ensuring maximum hygiene Special cleaning mechanism with clean water and disinfection with disinfectant liquid after each use
  • Slip protection with durable flooring
  • Optimal privacy and comfort with an easily managed locking and unlocking system from the inside, connected to a clearly readable free/occupied indicator
  • Ventilation system ensuring excellent air circulation
  • Roof made of semi-transparent material with an option for more powerful LED lighting
  • Ergonomic design that fits anywhere

  • Ventilation
  • 2 external wheels
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Door with free/occupied display
  • Anti-slip flooring

  • Lighting
  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Disinfectant dispenser
  • Hand paper dispenser
  • Toilet bowl liners

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a toilet cabin weigh?
Our toilet cabins weigh on average between 75 – 85 kg, depending on the model.
How big is a toilet cabin?
Depending on the model and purpose, our toilet cabins have external dimensions ranging from 1.15 / 1.20 to 1.4 m².
How are the OoYes toilets delivered and unloaded?
Renting our mobile toilet cabins guarantees a comprehensive service from delivery and positioning to periodic maintenance and removal at the end of the rental period. The toilet cabins are manually unloaded from a specialized truck with a crane by our employee.
How often are the OoYes mobile toilet cabins cleaned?
The European standard EN 16194:2012 for mobile toilet cabins without a sewer connection mandates cleaning once a week for 1 to 10 people, at least after 5 working days of 8 hours each.

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