A practical and universal solution without queues.

The GLOBAL free-standing and easily portable sink offers a hand-washing space for two people simultaneously with double, diagonally opposite stations.

Utilizing the industry-standard foot pump to draw water from the 180-liter fresh water tank, water is dispensed for hand washing: the dirty water drains into the corresponding 180-liter waste tank within the sink's body.

With a locking and lifting lid, both tanks are easily accessible for filling, disinfecting, or emptying.

With integrated lifting handles that also serve as guides for loading straps, GLOBAL sinks can be arranged in pairs.

For storage and transport, 4 GLOBAL sinks fit in the same floor space as one portable toilet.

The GLOBAL mobile sink is rotationally molded from polyethylene.

Large audience? Up to 3 GLOBAL sinks can be combined into one structure to provide 6 single stations.

Ideal for events of any kind, camping, and beaches, the GLOBAL mobile sink ensures excellent hygiene conditions and prevents the formation of long queues.

Portable Hand Wash Sink GLOBAL
Portable Hand Wash Sink GLOBAL
Portable Hand Wash Sink GLOBAL
Portable Hand Wash Sink GLOBAL
Specifications Details
  • Тегло:40 кг
  • Височина:1.15 м
  • Ширина:1.1 м
  • Дълбочина:0.6 м
  • Материал:UV устойчив полиетилен
  • Капацитет за чиста вода:180 л
  • Капацитет за мръсна вода:180 л
  • Made from UV-resistant high-density plastic
  • Designed with a fresh water tank completely separate from the waste water tank
  • Comes fully assembled, operational within minutes
  • Allows for quick and easy servicing
  • Hands-free washing with just a press of the foot pump


  • 2 sinks
  • Foot pump for water at each station
  • Dispenser for liquid soap
  • Hand paper dispenser
  • Automatic cleaning system


  • Loading with liquid soap
  • Stock up on paper towels

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