Optimal privacy and comfort during use

The mobile urinal KROSS features an innovative design and UV-resistant polyethylene, suitable for a wide variety of locations and conditions.

Designed with a lifting lug for easy loading and unloading, the urinal is exceptionally convenient for transportation and placement anywhere, including multi-story construction sites.

A key advantage, especially at events with more attendees, are the four stalls that allow multiple people to use it simultaneously, reducing the queue for the toilet.

The built-in tank with a 480 L capacity allows for over 1500 uses before needing cleaning, making it a practical solution for public areas, campsites, marinas, parking lots, and gas stations.

Mobile Urinal PLUS
Specifications Details
  • Weight:85 kg
  • Height:2.15 m
  • Measurements:1.15 х 1.15 m
  • Tank:378 l
  • Material:UV resistant polyethylene
  • Reinforced base UV-resistant plastic (polyethylene) ensuring long-term use
  • Easy to move with lifting lug for crane and forklift Enclosed tank with large capacity allowing for transport with contents
  • Easy to clean inside and out
  • Quick to commission with simplified installation
  • Innovative design that can be placed anywhere
  • Practical design allowing use by four people simultaneously
  • Allows connection to existing sewage systems
  • Offers optimal privacy and comfort


  • Durable anti-slip coating
  • Caps to each anti-jamming socket
  • Lifting eye with crane and forklift


  • Direct connection to sewage
  • Construction of a screen with a solid fence for more comfort

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