26 march 2024

5 Reasons to Choose OoYes + Bonus

1. Versatile Solutions for Every Need

OoYes offers mobile sanitary equipment for every situation – from emergency cases to long-term rentals. Whether it's for public events, construction sites, or military bases, we have the product line and experience necessary to meet your requirements.

2. High-Quality Service and Maintenance

With over 20 years of market experience, OoYes guarantees unmatched customer service. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive maintenance, including everything from delivery and installation to aftercare and eco-friendly waste management. Our ambition is to ensure unprecedented comfort and cleanliness for your events and projects while simultaneously protecting the environment.

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3. Solutions for Construction Sites of Any Scale

OoYes provides specialized and flexible solutions for construction sites, regardless of their size. We ensure that every construction project will be equipped with the most suitable sanitary facilities, meeting the strict European standards for hygiene and safety. From start to finish, our service is designed to optimize the work environment and increase productivity on-site. By choosing OoYes, you're opting for efficiency and reliability for your construction projects.

sanitary solutions for construction sites

4. The Perfect Choice for Any Type of Event

Regardless of the scale or type of your event, OoYes offers flexible and adaptable solutions. Combining functionality with elegance, our product line is designed to facilitate organizers and provide maximum comfort to guests. The OoYes team is here to support you every step of the way with high-quality products and exceptional service.

sanitary solutions for events

5. Integrated Sanitary Solutions for Military and Government Facilities

OoYes provides durable and mobile sanitary solutions for military and government facilities, tailored to their specific needs. With our experience and wide product range meeting strict standards for quality and hygiene, we ensure comfort and privacy in any situation. Our flexible services cover everything from delivery to maintenance, facilitating the organization of any mission and project.

sanitary solutions for military sites

Bonus: Ecological Vacuum Systems

OoYes is a pioneer in offering vacuum toilet systems, combining the convenience of traditional toilets with exceptional water consumption efficiency. This innovative technology allows us to reduce water usage by up to 90%, offering products that are both cost-effective and highly ecological.

ecological vacuum toilets

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OoYes: Innovation and Leadership in Sanitary Solutions

Fresh Support is a leading company in the sanitation industry, thanks to its continuous innovations. With its entry into the Bulgarian market, the company quickly managed to establish its new brand OoYes, recognizable by every chemical toilet cabin – bright blue, with a large, eye-catching yellow sticker.

In addition to mobile chemical toilets, the company also rents out and services mobile and construction fences, mobile sinks and urinals, and shower cabins, water tanks, and provides electric power with generators and pumps.

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