23 february 2024

"National No Straw Day": A small step towards a sustainable future

Why skip plastic straws?

Although they represent a small fraction of the plastic waste problem, their impact on the environment is significant. Plastic straws often aren't recycled, and their decomposition takes hundreds of years. Refraining from using plastic straws is an easy way for each of us to contribute to waste reduction.


What can we do?

Use alternatives: There are many alternatives to plastic straws on the market, including those made from stainless steel, bamboo, glass, and silicone, which can be reused multiple times.

Don’t use straws in establishments: While a small gesture, this encourages establishments to reconsider their use of disposable plastics.


Why is this day important?

Today is an opportunity to reflect on our daily consumption and its impact on the planet. By focusing on small changes in our habits, we can collectively contribute to larger positive changes for our planet. In times when the environmental crisis becomes increasingly tangible, initiatives like "National No Straw Day" remind us that everyone has a role in the fight for a better future. Let's use this day as an incentive to think and act more responsibly towards the environment every day.


Did you know...

All chemical toilets from OoYes are recycled. This not only reduces the total amount of waste generated by human activity but also highlights the company's commitment to environmental conservation. Recycling chemical toilets helps save resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change.


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